Known as the “Crown Jewel” of southwest Florida, the city of Naples is the embodiment of paradise. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, this city contains a perfect white sandy beach that stretches for miles. This beautiful city is also known for its world-class, challenging golf courses as well as being the home to hundreds of housing developments. Naples property is waterfront living is at a premium, while golfing communities are a Naples specialty.
There are a variety of new single- and multi-family homes, and villas, as well as residential towers that emulate the most premier resort-style living with a long list of amenities. Many communities include pools tennis courts and fitness centers. With plenty of luxurious opportunities, homeowners have exclusive access to private beaches, boat slips and close proximity to biking, walking and hiking trails. Most natives enjoy views of the water – with magnificent observations of Florida sunsets.

While in Naples, residents and visitors enjoy shopping, the arts, local attractions and a multitude of dining options – some right on the shore. The recreation and water-loving population boasts an active social life, making it a great place to live and visit.

Naples Housing Market
The Naples Florida housing market is now peaking more than ever. There continues to be an abundance of demand for homes and condos here in our seashore paradise. Regardless of their motivations to move, the huge number of boomers, estimated at 74 million recently, is driving sales of housing in Naples Florida. Relocation of retirees to Florida is important today and will remain that way for a decade or two into the future. There has also been a built-up demand that has accumulated during the later part of the last decade, and that too is driving buyers into the Naples Florida. Although cash transactions account for large part of all Naples real estate sales, interest rates appear to have hit bottom and are heading up. We have witnessed a full percentage point jump in rate over the last 12 months. This fact is also increasing Naples Florida housing market demand as buyers planning on using some level of financing rush from the sidelines to lock in lower rates.

The Naples Florida housing market is very healthy so if you’re still on the fence about buying your first home here you might want to make quick decisions when finding what they want to avoid losing it to other buyers in the market, as well as taking the risk of sales price increases. There is no second chance in the current market and multiple offer situations are highly likely in this hot market. With overall inventory tight, it is difficult enough to find a home, villa, or condo that fits your search requirements. Why make it more difficult with delayed execution on a purchase contract. We anticipate the uptrend in the Naples housing market to continue, so there is no reason to delay a purchase for economic reasons.

Top Reasons to live in Naples

If you are a Naples, FL resident you already know that it is a great place for living and weather can’t be beat. When looking for the perfect vacation destination or even a second home, people often have Naples in their list of top 10. They start to question whether they should buy real estate in Naples or if there are other areas where “better deals” can be had.

So what is it about Naples that sets it apart from other cities in Southwest Florida? Here are a few reasons why, in my opinion, Naples should be your #1 living destination.
1. The People – The cultural diversity is second to none. People come here from all around the world – mid-westerners, northerners, Canadians, Europeans and everyone in-between. Naples is a global melting pot with one common denominator: Everyone is extremely happy to live in this little piece of paradise. This attitude shows on the suntanned faces of most everyone you’ll meet.

2.– The Weather – The weather in Naples is unsurpassed. We enjoy tropical weather year-round. The average temperatures are in the mid 70’s. For most of the tourist season, December – April, we are enjoying the good ole’ sun shiny days. Gulf water temperatures range from the 60′s in the winter to the mid 80′s from spring through fall, so the beach in the winter is almost a must.

3 Downtown Olde Naples – Olde Naples can be considered the heartbeat of the city. Now don’t be fooled by the name because there is nothing in this downtown area that looks “old.” This part of Naples is the cultural spirit of the city. It first began as a tiny fishing village. But now there are new homes and buildings, several historic beach cottages which still remain as reminders of the early history of Naples dating back to the 1900′s. Today, it’s where Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South districts define the modern Neapolitan lifestyle. Specialty shops and outdoor cafes dot the sidewalks in these quaint, yet sophisticated local hot-spots. Besides dining, dancing and a bit of night life, cultural festivals and art shows are common here on the weekends from November through Easter.


4. Sunsets – Sunsets in Naples are very special to say the least. Around the time of the setting sun, if you venture down any of the Olde Naples avenues that end at the Gulf, you are bound to be shoulder to shoulder with several others looking West. When the sun hits the horizon put your cocktail down and join the clapping, for you have just witnessed one of the most sacred moments on the Gulf: Sunset. And if you’re lucky, one day – if you don’t blink – you will see the elusive “green flash” at the moment the sun vanishes below the horizon.

5. Boating, Fishing, Golf – Naples, Florida is far from boring. There is a overabundance of things to do outdoors. Fishing and golf are not hobbies here, they are a lifestyle. This area has some of the best waterfront on the coast. And then there is the golf. As a top golfing destination, Naples has over 70 golf courses to choose from. Many home buyers want to live in Naples golf communities regardless of their level or desire of play. Many of the higher-end luxury homes are in golf communities like Grey Oaks, Collier’s Reserve and Quail West. There’s something about being able to drive your golf cart from your garage right to the first tee.

6. Pristine – The word, pristine, comes up often when explaining Naples to an outsider, in another word, faultless. It best describes the litter-less streets, low crime, small signs, clean beaches, expertly shaped landscaping and mindful efforts of residents to keep it that way. The people in the Naples community respect their piece of paradise and work hard to ensure its beauty.

7. Dining – In 2013, Naples was featured on the CNN Travel show, specifically for its food. This city does boast many fine dining establishments with national acclaim, as well as many locally owned chains. Some favorite Naples restaurants are Trulux, Chops City Grill on 5th, Blue Provence, Club Sushi, Baleen and the Turtle Club, just to name a few.

8. Architecture & Greenery – Unobstructed views of the beach and Gulf of Mexico are a Naples hallmark. Homes in Old Naples are not surrounded by tall, overbearing buildings that block the sun and skyline. The local government has strong restrictions on signs, billboards and building height in the city of Naples. You won’t see that most places in the United States. Or put another way, you can easily tell you’ve hit Bonita Springs or Ft. Myers on US 41 just by the large signs shouting their slogans for all to see. In contrast, Naples keeps your focus on the Neapolitan architecture and natural, tropical greenery all around.

9. Safety & Low Crime – Naples is a safe city compared to the rest of Florida and the nation. Crime is so low people often move to Naples sight unseen after they Google the Naples crime rate. According to, the Naples crime rate is far below both the Florida and National average. “The crime rate in Naples is less than 57% of the cities in Florida and Naples is safer than 25% of the cities in the nation.”

10. Beaches – All Florida beaches are the same, right? No, not in Naples, where the beaches have won many prestigious awards, including being named to’s 2011 Travelers’ Choice Awards for the Top 25 Beaches in the U.S. Naples Florida beaches consist of white sand, offering spectacular Gulf views and fantastic sunsets. The area beaches stretch over 30 miles from the Ft. Myers Beach to the City of Naples beaches