There are many people that don’t think they can qualify for a Jumbo Mortgage because they have a recent Short-Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy. They have been turned down by other lenders time and time again, and thought they have exhausted all chances of getting another Jumbo Loan. Well, the wait is over! The days of waiting 2-4 years after a housing event are long gone.

Introducing our solution –

The Fresh Start Home Loan Program

Here are the basics  for the loan program 1 day out of Short sale, Foreclosure or bankruptcy:

  • 20% down payment (minimum)
  • 580 mid FICO score (exceptions down to a 500 mid FICO )
  • Primary or Secondary Home Purchase
  • Loan Amounts up to
  • No Prepayment penalty
  • NOT Hard Money (much better rates)
  • Exclusive Jumbo Portfolio loan (not available at other lenders)
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Only
  • Florida Lending only


What are the rates like?

While I can’t quote rates here because they are constantly changing and are adjusted to your unique scenario. Complete the information box on the right of the page for a personalized rate quote.

This is a fully underwritten portfolio Jumbo loan. It’s NOT hard money.

  • Collections items do not need to be paid off.
  • Mid FICO scores must be above 500 to qualify.
  • The down payment is substantial ( minimum 20% ) depending on credit score


Other Programs available.

  • 24 month bank Statement program for self employed borrowers
  • Non Warrantable Condos
  • 5% down on a Florida Condo
  • 500 Credit score Mortgage Loans