There are many first time home buyer loan programs available in the state of Florida area in which many people are unaware. Buying your first home takes plenty of research on mortgage loan types that are available.  Learning the requirements and how the loan program will benefit you but can be stressful. There are many down-payment options available on these programs as well, but they are tailored for many different buyers, so please select the Contact Us so that  a licensed loan officer,  can speak with you to assist in determining which loan best fits your needs.

Here you will find just a few mortgage options that will help.


USDA 100% Financing

  • No Money Down
  • 580 Minimum credit score
  • Property located in a select area- visit HERE for property eligibility
  • Low income qualifications


  •  Purchase only Fannie Mae Foreclosed properties visit for eligible properties
  • Minimum 660 credit score
  • 5% down – No mortgage insurance
  • No appraisal required.

 FHA- Good Neighbor Next Door

  • Minimum $100 Down payment
  • 50% discount off from Sales Price of home – for eligible homes
  • Police Officers, Teachers, Firefighters, Law Enforcement and emergency technicians are eligible for this program.
  • 620 credit score
  • Must be primary home for 3 years

VA  Loan -100% Financing

  • No money down
  • For veterans or active military personnel and spouses
  • 580 credit score minimum

Down payment Assistance Program

Florida Bond Program

  • 640 minimum credit score
  • Maximum assistance amount $7500
  • Can be used on a conventional or FHA loan
  • Discounted mortgage insurance premium monthly

This program can be used in addition to a few of the loan programs such above so that you could possible purchase a home with no money out of pocket, no even for closing costs.

Do your research

We understand you may still lean on family and friends for feedback. But balance is key. Please give me a chance to share my expertise and experience. No on person, ourselves included, will ever have ALL the answers  as they pertain to you. We want to know we are here to help as you are gathering information on mortgage loan financing and making that most important decision of home buying. There are several other first time home buyer programs in the Fort MyersCape Coral and Lehigh Acres area; the above are just a few. If you are still renting or just unsure if you can buy a home, contact me today for a free consultation. That phone call may be all you need to move forward in owning your own home. Take the first step today!

Learn  more about down payment assistance.