Why It Makes Sense to Buy a Vacation Home in Cape Coral, Florida


There are lots of reasons why the Sunshine State is so popular with vacationers and with those looking for a second home. Cape Coral enjoys a great reputation as one of the best places in Southwest Florida, and there is a plenty to do and see here. It just makes sense to buy a vacation home in Cape Coral.

It really makes sense to buy a second home or vacation home in Cape Coral, Florida. Now Cape Coral is much smaller than Tampa or Miami, but it has its charms. The city offers excellent employment opportunities, quality education and most importantly for vacationers, outstanding outdoor activities.

The city boasts of one of the lowest serious crime rates in Florida. The air quality is pretty decent and the cost of living is not that high – it’s 4 percent below the national average.
As you know, there is no state income tax in Florida. Homes in Cape Coral are relatively inexpensive, and the medical care is very good. Lee County VA Medical Center and Lee Memorial are two of the biggest hospitals here and they provide high quality healthcare at affordable costs.

Cape Coral is doing pretty well economically. It has a thriving job market with a positive employment outlook of 32% in 2015. The unemployment rate was 5.5% in 2014; it’s probably lower now (in 2017). There is a large population of retirees here. Most seniors are happy about being in Cape Coral.

The first thing that strikes you when you make your way to this place is the water. The city is surrounded by the Caloosahatchee River and Matlacha Pass. There’s water everywhere at Cape Coral, over four hundred miles of navigable waterways.

This is way more than any other city in the US. Indeed, the city has more canals than Venice! No wonder it is also called as the “Waterfront Wonderland.” You can so easily buy a house here with a canal next to your backyard. You might find yourself sitting in your backyard all day long fishing in the canal! You won’t find a city like this anywhere in the US.

If you love nature, you will like the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve. It’s spread across an area of 385 acres and is full of animals such as herons, snakes, eagles and more. There’s a popular walking trail that passes through this area.

Also popular are Cape Coral BMX Park and Eagle Skate Park, which are generally filled with BMX racers and skateboarders. The BMX track is one of the oldest of its kind in the US. If you have kids with you, you might want to bring them here.
Cape Coral is home to a couple of quality beaches, one at the Yacht Club Community Park and the other at the Four Freedoms Park. Both beaches are dotted with cozy restaurants, picnic spots and playgrounds for kids.

Another reason to buy a home in Cape Coral is that it’s just a short ride away from the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. You can always take your family on a weekend to the world famous theme park, if you feel like it.

Now you know why Cape Coral is so popular with those looking to buy a second home in Florida. Hope you enjoyed reading this.